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Who takes colostrum?

Pure 100% colostrum is a daily health supplement; it helps increase energy and stamina, repairs and enhances the functioning of the gut, improves nutrient absorption, builds lean muscle and repairs damaged tissue. Organic colostrum helps regulate serotonin and dopamine, the brain’s “feel good” chemicals that enhance our moods. Many studies and clinical trials have demonstrated that colostrum can reduce inflammatory pain, alleviate Rheumatoid arthritis, and improve auto-immune disease such as Lupus, Crohn’s Disease and Multiple sclerosis. ( I attest to the dramatic improvement in my own MS). Colostrum has also been shown to help balance blood sugar levels and aid weight loss in diabetics.

Our 100% organic colostrum is used by the Welsh Rugby team (see the testimonial of Phil Greening on this site), British and Irish Lions and Tour de France cycling teams.

How do I take colostrum?

Immustem comes in capsules. We shall shortly be introducing colostrum powder.

How much should I take?

Recommended dosage is minimum two capsules per day. However, there is no limit to how much you take as colostrum is a food supplement and can be taken in greater amounts.

Personally, I take two capsules in the morning and two at night, half an hour either side of food. If my husband or I feel run down or very under pressure, we increase our dose until we feel better.

Are there any side effects from Immustem?

No, but I have had reports that you may find you feel a bit “loose” at the beginning. I didn’t! but we are all different and every so often someone mentions this.

My husband says he felt “there was something going on inside” but wouldn’t go so far as to describe it as uncomfortable. Basically, the first thing Immustem does is ‘spring clean’ your gut and repair, rebuild and reseal the digestive tract lining. This is critical, as a damaged gut is a common vector for infections. Research has shown how food additives and new processing methods increase gut permeability and the incidence of autoimmune diseases.
By repairing and resealing the gut lining, Immustem is a powerful tool to prevent infections.

I’m vegetarian, can I take colostrum?

This depends largely on your own personal choice. Colostrum is a dairy product, however, many vegetarians include eggs and dairy as part of their diet and colostrum would be suitable for that.

Just a thought. The Rishis (India’s spiritual leaders), when adopting a vegan diet, have included colostrum for thousands of years

Can I take Immustem with other medication?

Yes, but if in doubt, always consult your doctor. Immustem heals the digestive tract so well that all substances taken internally – food, herbs, natural healing substances and medications – will become more available to the body.

Can children take Immustem?

Immustem is not suitable for children under 12 months. However, paediatricians can recommend that infants, who have not been breastfed, can be given colostrum to supplement their formula once they are taking cow’s milk. Always take medical advice.

Can pets have colostrum?

Immustem is 100% organic, and is a potent whole food that naturally contains a broad range of immune-boosters: immunoglobulins (your fist line of defence: IgA, IgF and IgM), enzymes, growth factors, peptides, nucleotides, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, essential fatty acids and amino acids. Containing all of the hormones used by the body in the right proportions, bovine colostrum has been scientifically proven to possess virtually identical immune and growth factors to human colostrum.

Dairy colostrum is non-species specific and works effectively in humans and other animals.

What about BSE?

DEFRA handles all farm controls and carries out routine inspections. All cows are registered by DEFRA which looks to ensure herds are free of BSE.

Any herds with any signs of suspected BSE would automatically be destroyed. Also, the pastures our herds are grazed on are certified Organic, and certified free of herbicides, pesticides and no antibiotics are used. All batches are tested, to international standards, to make sure they are free of such contaminants.

What about pregnancy and nursing?

Consult with your medical professional before taking any prescription drugs, over the counter medications, herbs or nutritional supplements. This includes colostrum.

What about lactose intolerance?

There are testimonials from people with improved “gut health” after taking Immustem. If you have a dairy intolerance, seek advice from your practitioner.

Is oestrogen found in Immustem?

There is a trace amount of cow’s oestrogen in colostrum. This form of oestrogen is not bio-available to humans when taken orally.

Immustem’s growth factors balance the body’s sex and growth hormones – both male and female. It is advised that women taking HRT consult their doctor.

Why is defatted colostrum used in Immustem?

It is important to keep the colostrum from rancid oxidation on the shelf. Growth and immune factors are proteins, not a part of the fat.

Why collect the colostrum over 24 hours rather than the first 6 hours?

The first milking after birth is reserved for the calf. The second milking of colostrum, collected during six to twelve hours after birth, is higher in IgG growth factor than subsequent milking.

Because the level of IgG is high, the other more important healing components in colostrum, such as lactoferrin and PRP, are less. These factors are higher in the early season milk up to 24 hours after birth.

Why is Immustem made from pasteurised and not unpasteurised colostrum?

The word “pasteurizing” comes from the name of the inventor, Louis Pasteur, who invented the method of heating milk to kill pathogens and improve human health. Pasteurizing whole milk has reduced the risk of infection and saved millions of lives all over the world.

There are two ways of pasteurising colostrum – HTST (high temperature/short time) 15 seconds at 72 deg C.: or a vat process 30-minute at 60 deg C.

Equipment found in the modern dairy does not denature the time and heat sensitive colostrum even when the HTST method is used so Immustem colostrum retains an extremely high proportion of the benefits of premium colostrum.

IgBioScience does not use the 30 minute vat process as this could leave time for bacteria to grow and reduce efficiency of the colostrum.

What about the poor calf?

The colostrum used to make Immustem is taken from the cow in the first hours after calving. Mother Nature makes sure the cow produces a surplus of colostrum to ensure the calf’s survival. And the calf obtains colostrum immediately after birth and then at least 2 litres of colostrum within the first 12 hours of calving.

On average the mother produces in excess of 10 litres of colostrum – the calf typically uses 3 litres. For the farmers the surplus is either waste, or some use it make a traditional food called “Beestings Pudding”. So only surplus colostrum is collected to make Immustem. No suffering is incurred by the cow or calf in the production of Immustem. No farmer would risk the health of their herd by selling off the needed colostrum. Calves are far more valuable than colostrum!

We at IgBioscience pride ourselves on ensuring the highest ethical standards of our products.

  • 100% pure organic colostrum
  • Vegetarian capsules
  • Repairs and rebalances gut health
  • Reboots immune system
  • For a healthy and happy life

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