Of the many thousands of research papers on colostrum, many studies are conducted on pets and other animals. After all, farmers have been using surplus bovine colostrum for all their livestock for centuries, so it’s a no brainer to think pets might get some benefit too.

I have a few excerpts from studies by veterinary scientists later in this blog, but first I thought it might interesting to share how our 11 year old Jack Russell dog, Maddie, fares on colostrum.

Last year, aged 10 she was slowing down. Over a long period we had noticed she was not moving as well or as quickly; just less enthusiastic, less energetic and slower moving. So we started giving her colostrum. About 1/3 of a capsule each morning out of the palm of our hand. She lapped it up..it seems to be very tasty indeed for dogs. Maddie had a slightly upset tummy for a couple of days – as do many people who take colostrum as well – but this is completely natural. Colostrum’s first effect is to cleanse and repair the gut….the most important first line of defence of the immune system.

Within a week, Maddie had changed beyond recognition. She was back. Full of beans, full of energy, alert, playful and energetic. Gone was the “getting old” dog. She’s now 11 years old and still living at full throttle. That’s our experience anyway. Hopefully suggests something is going on!

The science….

Here’s an Abstract from a double blind trial on dogs and bovine colostrum, finding a  “significantly higher immune response” in dogs taking bovine colostrum.

Have a look at this by Dr Stephen Blake, a vet who believes passionately in colostrum for the animals in his care.

And here’s a great article from Animal Wellness magazine.