What a week – a full page feature on the story of IgBioscience and my MS framed by the latest research into colostrum and why it might be making such a difference to my life.

Featured in the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express this week 14th September.


The article is balanced and fair.

The take away latest facts for me are how research at the University of California School of Medicine suggested certain sugars in the mothers milk – ie the colostrum, can contribute to repair of the myelin sheaths. People with MS have low levels of these sugars.

This is the published article https://www.som.uci.edu/news_releases/Simple-sugar-therapy-for-multiple-sclerosis.asp

All of us who enjoy the benefits of colostrum know what it can do for us, whatever our autoimmune disorder, as well as just being a superb daily health supplement.

Nice to get some recognition.