Have I messed up and been over ambitious I ask myself? I have a chronic autoimmune condition – Multiple sclerosis. It’s a rotten disease – there is no known cure and just one certitude – things are going to get worse. You never know how or when – just that they will. You never know when or why your sight is going to go blurry or dark, when you can walk the dog with friends because if it’s muddy or uneven you’ll have to stop or just fall over. You don’t know when you’ll need a stick, two sticks or a wheelchair. You don’t know if or when the leg spasms will start. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason.

But I have been taking premium colostrum for nearly three years and Immustem for 6 months. My energy has quite dramatically returned: I can walk 3 miles, have a break and then walk 3 more, no tingles or pins and needles, balance massively improved.

I know I’m still not a ‘normal” person but what’s ‘normal’. Life is good.

So, we moved to Somerset because my husband wanted a change! To a town with a very old historic centre where there are more listed buildings than in any other town in the county. Where there are old stone steps, steep hills everywhere, cobbled streets, more steep hills everywhere and more steps! And so far, I am loving it.

(Image courtesy of Google Map)