We know colostrum can help so many people in so many different ways. That’s the beauty of it, it doesn’t do just one thing, it helps the body in so many different ways.

But you don’t need to take our word for it.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about their experiences of Immustem organic colostrum.


July 2019

Sally has MS and after 2 weeks taking Immustem she sent us this:

“I walked a long way up the coastal path in Cornwall which I could never have done before”.

(Note: from Liz, founder of IgBioscience – This is exactly what happened to me with my MS – I can walk for miles now.)

Glynis, Hampshire

July 2019

“I was very sceptical about using this product I have tried colostrum before but saw no improvements, I have Thyroid disease and Coeliac disease with both these diseases I suffer severe muscle aches and pains, my legs constantly ache and my immune system is affected! Liz convinced me to try this product and I can honestly say I have been taking this for about 5 weeks I have seen some good improvements, I have more energy I do not ache as much and my stomach is a lot better! if I can see this improvement in such a short time I will definitely look forward to sharing how I’m doing in the future.

Annalise, Fibromyalgia

July 2019

“So my daughter who normal hardly can get to school and has to have a tutor on the couch cause it hurts to sit at chair and table. There has been a great improvement she has been going to school part time which is incredible!!!!”

Touching words from mother, Annalise, owner of Anew Therapies, about her 12 year old after using IgBioScience Immustem

I started taking it about six weeks ago, two every morning. I started taking it to see if it would help my psoriasis which I have had for nearly 9 years!!
I am pleased to report my feet are the best they have been for 9 years and I generally feel a sense of well being so very pleased with the results after just a few weeks, long may it continue!??

Patricia, Yorkshire

August 2019

I recently received a second degree wrist burn and found that in conjunction with other remedies the colostrum really helped speed up the recovery.

Personally I have found increased energy levels which I have noticed as I have experienced post-viral debility following a severe shingles infection. I use the Immustem and the IgTurmeric+ which helps also as an anti-inflammatory. Been on them for 2 months and will continue.

(Note: Immustem colostrum not only helps with immunity but also with cell repair and regeneration).

Edmond Rostand, Medical student, May 2019. Well being and concentration.

I was working very hard and found my powers of concentration and focus, and my energy levels really did increase. I exercise regularly at the gym and noticed the any muscle strains or aches seemed to heal up much more quickly. I also found it much easier to sleep well.