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By combining high concentration Curcuma 95 (95% Curcumin the active ingredient of Turmeric) and our medical grade organic colostrum, your body will be getting all the support it needs to keep you fit, healthy and happy.

As we age, our body’s processes start to deteriorate and degrade. That includes our immune system, our gut and pretty much everything else. By combining Colostrum and Turmeric you can reset these functions, strengthen your immune system, fix any gut issues and keep your gut healthy. Remember, the gut contains 70% of the cells that make up your immune system.  It’s where everything starts. According to Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, “All diseases begin in the gut”. Scientists now know that to be true.

Both colostrum and Turmeric have been appreciated for their extraordinary medicinal properties for thousands of years.

In the Product Description section below are a series of excerpts from a BBC Radio 4 Documentary on how Turmeric cured a woman from cancer, told from the point of view of her Consultant Oncologist in the NHS.

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IgBioscience is committed to sourcing the finest quality natural products scientifically tested by independent peer review research. There are more than 70,000 independent research papers on Colostrum. And even more on the medicinal benefits of Turmeric

Immustem is produced from pasture-fed organic herds. Our cows are not given hormones or antibiotics or exposed to pesticides, heavy metals or other chemicals.

Immustem is pasteurised and spray-dried at low temperatures. This maintains its delicate molecular structure which is severely damaged by traditional pasteurisation.

Only surplus milk is used after calves' needs are met.

Our Turmeric is Curcuma 95 - Curcumin being the active ingredient of Turmeric. Curcuma 95 means it's 95% pure.

It has added Bioperin - Black pepper extract - which enhances its bioavailability by more than a factor of 1000.

This bioavailability of the Curcuma is further enhanced by the AlphaLipid fats in the colostrum. Our bodies love fats (an evolutionary thing) so it literally snaps them up into our bloodstream.


Full details on our SCIENCE PAGE  - it has a myriad of molecules, proteins and compounds that enhance and regulate the gut and the immune system. Both the gut and immune system are indivisible. The gut contains 70% of the cells that make up our immune system.

Our Immustem colostrum regularly receives 5-Star reviews from our clients. Colostrum is literally 200 million years of intelligent design. From the moment a mammalian infant pops out into the world, the first breast milk is crucial to its survival against all the pathogens, virus' and bacteria in the environment looking for new hosts. Mammals have been around - and thriving - for 200 million years. So nature has learnt a lot on how to protect newborns.

Now we can benefit from it as well.


Our Turmeric extract is 95% curcumin - an established and proven powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant combined with 100% pure organic Colostrum. A perfect mix for arthritis and joint pain – with known anti-cancer properties.

Also great for athletes - limits muscle damage, reduced recovery time and better performance. Gives you an edge.

IgColostrum + is a unique formulation by IgBioscience of 2 of the most powerful immune system boosters and body repair compounds proven by peer reviewed scientific research.

The colostrum rebalances the body’s immune system and gut so the Curcumin’s powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects are supported by a fully functioning immune and repair system.

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Directions For Use

Take 2 capsules of Immustem and 2 of IgTurmeric+ first thing in the morning or last thing at night. If in the morning, wait 30 mins before drinking tea/coffee etc.

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Marriage Made in Heaven – One Time Purchase