A powerful immune system support of organic lactose free colostrum. Extra strong because it’s freeze dried – a slower, gentler but more expensive process. However the advantage of this is it ensures the colostrum retains it full bioactive potential. Spray drying at high temperature as is the case with most colostrum products can harm proteins, rendering it less effective.



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The calf receives practically no immunoglobulins from the mother during gestation. It is born without any active immune protection. The complete immune system of the mother with all its immune factors gets transferred to the calf with the first suckling of colostrum. This guarantees the newborn an optimal start into life.

Since the majority of the immune factors are not species-specific they can also be transferred to humans. Large proteins such as antibodies unfold their effect in the gastrointestinal tract while smaller immune factors such as hormones can be absorbed into the blood.

Colostrum is good for so many things - as a daily health supplement; to alleviate symptoms of autoimmune disorders - the immune factors in colostrum regulate the immune system, rebalancing over or under active immune systems - when they attack the body - so reducing and eliminating symptoms of the disorder. It's also the mos potent remedy for gut health and a healthy gut biome. Contains Lactoferrin which kills harmful bacteria in the gut - so it's a powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral. At the same time EGF - Epithelial Growth Factor - repairs the damaged cells in the gut lining, repairing the gaps in the gut wall through which the pathogens pass into the body.

Colostrum also plays a major role in hormone regulation - it enhances our mood and promotes the feel good factor.

Colostrum - a source of life for humans and animals

Colostrum could be regarded as natural medicine. The legal definition speaks about an animal secretion that is rich in antibodies and minerals. It is, however, a true cornucopia of various ingredients which are absolutely unique in their density and specificity. Nowhere else can we find so many bio-active immune factors and immunological compounds in a food.

Interestingly the immune systems of mammals and humans are very similar. Thus all colostrums contain many immune factors which are not specific to a specie. Therefore colostrum can be transferred from one mammalian specie to another and also to humans. Due to this fact people can benefit from cow, sheep and goat colostrum in an excellent way.


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