MS Therapy Centre is a national charity with a proven track record of alternative MS therapies. How honoured we felt when we were invited to give talks at the MS
National Therapy Centres Annual Conference. We’ve been involved with the Wessex MS Therapy Centre, giving talks to sufferers, many of whom are taking Immustem with great results.

It’s a wonderful charity. Each MS therapy centre (more than 40 in the UK) is an individual charity but all are connected by their drive to alleviate symptoms of those with MS. They provide complimentary therapies such as oxygen therapy and physiotherapy; and are always open to discover more about new complimentary therapies. Some centres receive funding from local NHS boards, but most are reliant on donations for their income. A high proportion of centre directors/trustees are people affected by MS. Staff are trained and have professional qualifications to deliver treatments for example high pressure oxygen operators in baric chambers.

We had the opportunity to talk about Immustem colostrum and IgTurmeric + and the considerable improvements this premium colostrum has made to my heath as an MSer. We met many inspiring volunteers and staff and heard keynote speaker Professor of Neuropsychology, Dawn Langdon.

A wonderful charity and event. Many thanks for this opportunity,