Immustem and Vitamin D3 Complex – One Time Purchase




UK Colostrum and a Multi-Vitamin D3 Complex – two powerful immune support products that work in perfect harmony.

Keep healthy and keep that first line of defence in the best possible condition.

Our UK Colostrum regularly gets 5-Star reviews from our clients….with proven immune and gut health boosting  properties.

Now we’ve added a carefully blended Multi-Vitamin and Natural plant extract formulation designed to supportand enhance the functioning of the immune system from every angle.

Based around Vitamin D3 – recommended by HM Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, it includes Elderberry extract, Lions Mane extract, Vitamin A, Liposomal Vitamin C (read more on this below), and Zinc.





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Our UK sourced organic Colostrum is simply the best colostrum you can buy. Check our our Science Page and you can see why it’s so loved by our regular customers. It really does make a difference. It has proven benefits backed by peer-reviewed scientific research.

We’ve gone one step further and added a new, carefully designed Multi-Vitamin Complex with Natural Plant extracts long known for their beneficial powers. We started with Vitamin D3, the cornerstone of of the processes that make our immune system work. And has been recommended by HM Government for everyone to take. We’ve combined it with a number of other essential compounds and Vitamins. Among these:

The powerful Liposomal Vitamin C – usually Vitamin C –  Ascorbic Acid – is hard to absorb, is damaged in the gut, and pee’d out of the bloodstream. The body’s cells don’t actually get much of it. However using the latest nanotechnology, coating the Vitamin C with nanoparticles of  Alphalipid fat it’s protected in the gut, is readily absorbed into the body and is delivered direct into the nucleus of the body’s cells. It is extraordinarily effective.

Elderberry Extract – SAMBUCAL NIGRA – Hippocrates called it his “medicine chest”.  Packed with Vitamins and minerals that regulate and modulate the immune system. Of all the natural plant remedies, Elderberry is top of the list.

Lions Mane – A large white shaggy mushroom, known for its medicinal benefits for 1000’s of years. Research shows it boosts the production of the microbiome in the gut which prevent pathogens from entering the body. The microbiome is the cornerstone of the immune system.

Vitamin A – Retinol – Vitamin A plays a vital role in maintaining your body’s natural defenses. According to the Journal of Clinical Medicine 2018 it plays a critical role in enhancing immune function.

Zinc – Zinc is a key micronutrient and mineral that is essential for the body in numerous ways. It keeps the immune system strong, helps heal wounds, and supports normal growth. A lack of zinc can make a person more susceptible to disease and illness. It is responsible for several functions in the human body, and it helps stimulate the activity of at least 100 different enzymes. It affects how our cells respond to infections and can help keep inflammation under control.


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Immustem and Vitamin D3 Complex – One Time Purchase